Have I Messed Up My Kids?

“Dad, do you always have to bring that camera?” Haven’t I heard those words a thousand times? “Yes, my son, I do!” I said patronisingly, “and one day you’ll thank me for doing you this favor! Just get up there and enjoy yourself!” Both of my sons knew […]

And the Winner is…

…Doris Lessing. Finally. She has already won all prizes imaginable, but still she was rather taken back when the Swedish media interviewed her after the Nobel Academy had made its announcement about the Nobel 2007 Litterature price. She explained that she never expected the price, not because of some […]

It’s a Good Life

Publishing my first blog. When I thought of a suitable title for my page, I didn’t have to think long. It came to my mind immediately: A Good Life. Whether this was inspiration or just good common sense, it matters not. I just know that this is how […]