Christ Heals Family

One of my duties as a CES Coordinator is to visit teachers and students in their various classes, assisting with administrative matters. Last night, as I met with a class in central Sweden, I spoke at length with the teacher about her recent family tragedy. Her twenty-one year […]

Best Wedding Anniversary Tips

Having our 11th wedding anniversary. I’m thinking of doing something special. When I proposed I road in a knights full armour, galloping across a field to get to my princess, then kneeling at her feet. But I don’t think I can beat that today. Thought it would be […]

Show Your True Colors

I was captured by some autumn motives today. This is one of them. When I saw this yellow tree I got what may seem to be a silly thought, but nonetheless… How does that birch tree feel? I mean, she stands there showing her bright colors, in the […]

Have I Messed Up My Kids?

“Dad, do you always have to bring that camera?” Haven’t I heard those words a thousand times? “Yes, my son, I do!” I said patronisingly, “and one day you’ll thank me for doing you this favor! Just get up there and enjoy yourself!” Both of my sons knew […]