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Thoughts for a New Year

Happy New Year to all friends! Here are some thoughtful words that may be applicable today. Choose one quote that suits you, or be inspired by all. Warm hugs from Louis Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year […]

Children’s Words of Wisdom

Automatic translation of text VISDOMSORD FRÅN BARN Vilken tur att man har skrivit dagbok under årens lopp. Tänk vilka minnen man skulle förlorat om man inte hade nedtecknat dem. Man tror att man ska komma ihåg det som händer, men det gör man inte alltid. Ta idag, till […]

Winning is not Everything

Lately my sons and I have gone to quite a few hockey games to cheer on our local team, Södertälje (SSK). When we went two days ago the team lost 0-1. In fact, every time we’ve seen them play this season they have lost. I made that comment […]