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Building Blocks

Automatic translation of text NÅGRA VIKTIGA BYGGSTENAR I LIVET Fortsättning på Nu längtar jag efter då Nyligen flyttade min brors familj från huset de länge hade bott  i­­­­. Det var nog inte lätt. Många av deras minnen hade etsat sig fast på husets väggar. För mig kändes det […]

I can do it myself!

Family Column for Länstidningen, Södertälje, Sweden, 4 March 2009. Automatic translation of text JAG KAN SJÄLV! I slutet av filmen finns en sekvens som visar när dottern åker lift. (se texten) Från min lilla dotter ekar nu exakt samma ord som jag själv yttrade för cirka fyrtio år […]

Ice Age 3

When it comes to animated film, there is no competition. Ice Age is the clear winner for me. Now comes the long awaited Ice Age 3. Below is one of its trailers. It’s hilarious. A subtitle could have been Never trust a woman. You’ll understand…

Pulling a Tooth

Isak had a harder time with this than what he thought he would… but everything turned out okay in the end. Notice his mixed reaction at the end of the video. Very funny! Fotnote: I recovered the tooth from the pipes after filming this.

Johannes says Thank You!

Johannes wanted to say thank you to all of you who prayed for him these past weeks, that he would be safe during his open-heart surgery. I think there are a lot of things he would like to say, but because of the language barrier, it will only […]