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Maria & Caleb

A week ago I had a chance to take a few photos of a Institute student of mine, Maria Danin, who got married (or sealed as we say) to Caleb Phillips in the Stockholm Temple. Most of the images I show here were taken outside the Temple in […]

Seize the Day

Family Column for Länstidningen, Södertälje, Sweden, 4 Feb 2009. Automatic translation of text FÅNGA DAGEN I skrivande stund är det lördagskväll och jag sitter på ett hotellrum i Warszawa. Jag har under flera år koordinerat kursverksamheter här i Polen, men kommer nu att efterträdas av en annan. Det […]

A Father Without a Family

Column for Länstidningen, Sweden, 16 July 2008. AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION OF TEXT EN PAPPA UTAN FAMILJ Mitt arbete tog mig nyligen till Warszawa för en skolavslutning på ett religionsinstitut jag ansvarar för. Som resekamrat hade jag med mig min äldsta son, som nu fick se Polen för första gången. […]

Take Control (3): Be a Friend

Continuation of Take Control (1): Be a Captain and Take Control (2): Be Good Today I just want to summarize my thoughts with two connecting ideas. When followed, I think they will be a huge factor of our progress, helping us get real control in life. Surround yourself […]

Take Control (2): Be Good

Continuation of Take Control (1): Be a Captain So in which end do we start if we want to take control of our lives? How about with the following truth: We reap what we sow. I believe most people, deep down inside, want a life filled with goodness. […]

Help Thou My Unbelief

Last week I taught a few Institute of Religion classes at Bolliaden, a Young Adult conference in the Church. The theme of the conference was Walking on the Straight Path. The students brought a good spirit and the participation level was high. Like I often say, I feel […]