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Om Paulus, Luther, tro och gärningar

När Martin Luther läste Romarbrevet påverkades han så mycket av budskapet rättfärdiggörelse genom tro att det förändrade hela hans syn på människans förhållande till Gud. Luther, i sin tur, har påverkat en stor del av kristendomen med hans tolkning av vad sann tro är. Personligen ser jag Martin Luthers […]

Choose Control

On this sabbath morning, here are some quotes from the General Conference talk by Elder Robert D. Hales, Becoming Provident Providers Temporally and Spiritually. “Today I speak to all whose freedom to choose has been diminished by the effects of ill-advised choices of the past. I speak specifically […]

Big Pictures and Sacrifices

I had a tricky lesson recently. The text was taken from the first half of Leviticus (Old Testament), and dealt a great deal with the sacrificial offerings the Israelites were commanded to perform. Understandably, some of the students were… how shall we put it… a bit nauseated by […]