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Rundan och Klassikern

Jaha, då var det klart. Jag känner mig otroligt glad, upprymd och stolt över att på ett år tagit mig igenom Vansbrosimmet, Lidingöloppet, Vasaloppet och nu Vätternrundan. Nu kan man kalla sig själv en Svensk Klassiker… om nu det skulle vara så viktigt med en titel. Viktigast för […]

Ensam men älskad

Krönika i Norra Halland, 29 april 2016 Ibland har jag frågat mig själv om jag går igenom en femtioårskris. Inte för att jag är direkt nedstämd utan för att jag har en sådan lust till utmaningar. Denna livslängtan har visserligen alltid funnits där, men i år tränar jag […]


In the southern part of Sweden, one of the surest signs that summer is nigh are the many yellow fields with the oil-producing flower Brassica rapa. Last Sunday evening my son Isak and I went and visited such a field close to our home. We were both taken […]

Monkey Business

In the Ape house at Kolmården I found this old chimpanzee lady. She looks innocent enough, but I soon discovered that she was anything but ladylike. All of a sudden she starts to urinate. That wasn’t so unusual it itself, but she did something I had never seen […]

Kolmården Wolves

More Kolmården photos Together with a large group of celebrities, brother Richard had received a tickets for the opening of Kolmården animal park. He brought me and my two sons along. It was a real nice trip. Richard with Johannes and Isak at the gates. The highlight for […]

Making Eggs, Clara Style

Here’s a little “påskkärring” for you. Let me tell you, she collected way too much candy in that basket. Well… who could blame our neighbors; with that cute smile, who could say no! Later it was time to blow out some eggs, eggs that grandpa needed for his […]

Snowy Ice

I realized last week  to my great dismay that I had hardly taken any winter photos this year. What a blunder, considering all the snow we have received. So I took the boys with me to down to the water to check out the snowy ice. It was […]