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Photos: Flowers

Some of you have seen a lot of flowers showing up on resent posts. Here is a joint collection of some of them on the Beautiful Planet Photography page. I will have a permanent link there, for those who wish to return to it in the future (click […]

More Flowers

Previous entries from Malexander In Memory of Robert and Olle Photos: Malexander Cats, Bugs, and Flowers We’ll start with the foul picture. Just wanted to show you how my legs (in macro) looked after walking around waist deep for 20 minutes in the “non-swimming” area of Lillsjön in […]

Cats, Bugs, and Flowers

Previous entries from Malexander In Memory of Robert and Olle Photos: Malexander Here are some more photos from Malexander. Let me introduce Elvis. I call him Blue Eyes. Never seen cat eyes like that before. This is Tiger. He lives up to his name. He’s a great hunter. […]

Ugly photos?

Last week I had a new thought: why do we always try to take beautiful photos of people and nature? You know what I mean, those spectacular sunsets, astonishing macros, and heart-rendering smiles of our children (for which I am definitely guilty) . Sometimes the chase for that […]

Water game

Our daughter’s favorite spot in our home is the kitchen zink. She loves anything that has to do with washing the dishes etc. But a few weeks ago we did something else together besides washing the dishes. We agreed to take some bubble-photos. So we started by tapping the water…   Hmm… […]

Swedish Meatballs

I just wanted to share a different photo idea, which was born in my mind when I was rolling 200 meatballs yesterday. (My wife thinks I roll the “most beautiful meatballs”. Or wait… maybe she’s just saying that so she won’t have to do it!) Anyway, for those […]

Photo: A Way to Enjoy Life

If it’s of any interest, here is an article about me and my thoughts on photography. The questions were given to me, and I wrote down the answers. It’s found in the net version of the photo magazine Kamera&Bild. They named it… Louis Herrey: Photo is a way […]