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A Cool New Year

It’s Cool to be Nice It’s rather cool to be nice, a necessary trait, no doubt. And if you want my new-year advice: niceness is what it’s all about.   Yet some say it’s cool to be bad. What nonsensical gibbery-poo! That is only a beguiling fad to […]

Påskens budskap

Krönika, Norra Halland, 17 april 2014 Clara skuttar in i rummet. ”Vad gör du?” frågar hon. Jag knappar på min laptop. ”Jobbar lite på min krönika bara. Tänkte skriva om påsken. Vad säger du… varför firar vi påsk egentligen?” ”Det är för att fira Jesu uppståndelse så klart!” […]

Raindance and Froghunting

Automatic translation of text Regndans och grodjakt Tänk vad kontraster berikar våra liv. Lika mycket som jag älskar högsommarvärmen så älskar jag regnet. Finns det något bättre än ett skyfall från en sommarhimmel, då naturen återföds i ny, sprakande färgmättnad och alla de ljuvligaste dofterna fyller lungorna. Det […]

Monkey Business

In the Ape house at Kolmården I found this old chimpanzee lady. She looks innocent enough, but I soon discovered that she was anything but ladylike. All of a sudden she starts to urinate. That wasn’t so unusual it itself, but she did something I had never seen […]

Merry Christmas 2009

For a more spiritual reflection on Christmas, click Meeting the baby in the manger Santa was late this year and needed some extra help, so the wife and kids jumped in. Mother Santa took a hold of the reins and off they went. What an adventure! See for […]

The Reluctant Mummy

Preparing for trick-or-treat. “Dad, I’m not sure about this?” “What do you mean, Johannes? Don’t you want to get lots of candy?” “Yeah, but not like this! The other kids will laugh their heads off!” “No they won’t! You look great! And in worst case, people will feel […]

Elvis is Alive!

As I was watching a show recently a strange spectacle developed before my eyes. I saw a man appear out of nowhere wearing this very familiar cape. He grabbed a microphone… … and started singing. I had heard his voice before. And that face? Hadn’t I seen that […]