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Krönika i Norra Halland, 28 juni 2013 Johannes sitter med sina klasskamrater på 9:ans skolavslutning och lyssnar till rektorns tal. Alla strålar de, barnen som vuxit upp och som nu står vid porten till vuxenvärlden. De liknar unga kungar och drottningar, redo att gå ut och erövra världen. […]

The Reluctant Mummy

Preparing for trick-or-treat. “Dad, I’m not sure about this?” “What do you mean, Johannes? Don’t you want to get lots of candy?” “Yeah, but not like this! The other kids will laugh their heads off!” “No they won’t! You look great! And in worst case, people will feel […]

Farewell at Airport

Here are some photos from Arlanda, when Isak, Clara, and I said goodbye Angelica and Johannes. A long time ago we promised Johannes a trip to London with his mother. We wanted to give him this gift as something to look forward to when he was going through […]

An Easter Angel

One of many things I love about our Church is that it invites us to not only worship on Sundays or once a year, but teaches us that faith is an every day issue. One thing latter day saints are encouraged to do during the week, for example, […]

Most Beautiful 35-Year Old

Couldn’t let they day go by without publicly congratulating my wife, Angelica, who turned 35 today. She doesn’t like publicity (and that’s putting it mildly) so I’ll just summarize and say that she is without a doubt a remarkable woman, and I thank God for letting me experience […]

After the Heart Surgery

I know that some of you who have read the posts A Prayer for the Heart are wondering about the aftermath of our son Johannes’ heart surgery. Well, as far as his heart goes, he’s done really fine. Everything is healing rapidly, and his chest scar is looking […]