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The First Decade

Automatic translation of text Det första decenniet Om några utomjordingar landade i min trädgård och undrade vad det är för slags planet de har kommit till, vad skulle jag säga då? Vore det lämpligt att kanske ge dem en summering av de största mediala företeelserna och händelserna under […]

It’s Not Easy For Us Men

Automatic translation of text VI MÄN HAR DET INTE SÅ LÄTT Vad gör man inte för att hålla denna blogg vid liv? Egentligen borde jag ligga kvar i sängen för att vila min rossliga hals och mitt bultande huvud. Men nu (läs 18 okt) sitter jag ändå vid […]

Photo: A Way to Enjoy Life

If it’s of any interest, here is an article about me and my thoughts on photography. The questions were given to me, and I wrote down the answers. It’s found in the net version of the photo magazine Kamera&Bild. They named it… Louis Herrey: Photo is a way […]

Sorry… again!

Those of you who have tuned in the last couple of days must have been really confused. Just want you to know, I am still getting to know this new theme a little better, and I have not yet decided how the layout should be in all cases. […]


… for the current mess. I am changing my webpage theme into something more “simple”. I haven’t figured out yet all the steps I want to take, but I will… eventually. This is just how I am: trying out a few ideas, and then keeping the best one. […]

1 Year of Blogging

Today is a bit of a mile stone. For me, anyway. It was exactly one year ago since I started this blog, A Good Life. Here’s my first bog post, It’s a Good Life, which will give you some background as to why I picked up the “pen” […]

September 2008 Overview

I think this may have been a record in number of posts for a month: 17 posts. So it’s been quite busy here at A Good Life. The Family Columns are being written, as usual, as well as some “regular” posts. But this month I started to get […]