Most Popular Search Term

I was thinking about what exactly people out there are thinking about most of the time. I mean, even right now. I looked up some pages on the Internet to try to get an answer. And I found something interesting. I saw a list of the most popular search term on the Internet today. That’s got to give us a clue as to what at least many people are thinking about, right? Here are the top five:

5. Clay Aiken
4. Sarah Palin
3. Barack Obama
2. Youtube
1. ? ? ?

The question for you: Which is the nr 1 search term? Just choose your answer below. The result will be given in a few days. Then we’ll talk some more…

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  1. Before I saw the standard poll response options, I thought that “global financial crisis” would probably be an option. But it seems like that’s not very high on people’s priorities at the moment!

  2. I thought “google” would be on your list too…

    Or did I just give your number one answer???Ooops. Just kidding…

    I think it’s so frustrating that a lot of people are looking for sex on the internet…disgusting! Although that is my opinion of course…who am I to judge those people.

    anyway…I’m looking forward to talk some more about it…;-)

    take care!

  3. Jeg tippet feil! Det var da bra 🙂 (Jeg er ikke helt sikker på om folk våger å være ærlige men.)
    Av disse fem hadde jeg nok søkt mest på YouTube, for jeg bor omtrent der inne om dagen. Finner jo så mange gamle låter og tv-serier fra barn-og ungdomstid der.

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